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When you share our enthusiasm for butterflies and want to help stabilize their dwindling population, there are some simple ways to create your own pollinator habitat restoration project in your own back yard. Butterfly Farms of San Diego, CA is a nonprofit organization, and we would love to show you how to create your own butterfly garden to help with conservation of native butterflies, including the beautiful and stately Monarch butterfly.

While planting the flowering species that the butterflies rely on for nectar is a good start, you must also consider the need for butterfly host plants. These are the plants that provide food for the caterpillars that will turn into the beautiful butterflies you want in your garden. Each species of butterfly has a small range of foods on which their young ones can feed, so planting the right types will attract the butterflies you want. Remember, one caterpillar’s staple food is another type’s poison!

Our butterfly experts are more than happy to help you find the right plants for your butterfly conservation garden. When you visit our nursery, we will suggest the plants that will do best in your growing zone for the butterflies you want. For instance, if you want Monarchs, milkweed is a must. PawPaw is vital for the striking Zebra Swallowtail, while the Silvery Blue butterfly relies on lupine to feed its young. Wild Senna will attract many caterpillars, including the Southern Dogface, Sleepy Orange, and Clouded Sulphurs.

If you are looking for butterfly host plants in San Diego, CA, we invite you to Butterfly Farms. Start a butterfly garden in your own backyard with tips from our conservation experts.

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