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When you visit Butterfly Farms of San Diego, CA, you will quickly discover how passionate we are about our native butterflies and the plant species they rely on. We welcome groups at our facility, including schools, scouts, garden clubs, and anyone who wants to learn more about our pollinators’ environment and natural habitat re-creation. From milkweed planting to choosing the right nectar plants, you will learn everything you need to know about habitat conservation in your own back yard.

Our comprehensive butterfly education programs include group or individual tours of our vivarium, where butterflies fly free. You will be able to see dozens of local varieties of butterflies and their young. Our butterflies will even land on you if you stand still! You will notice different caterpillars on different types of plants and learn why this variety is so important in the wild. You can also tour our grounds and our laboratory where you will see the research we do, including tagging and tracking butterflies.

With your new knowledge of butterfly conservation and habitat re-creation, we invite you to take home your own butterfly-friendly host and nectar plants. We also provide livestock (living caterpillars and cocoons) which you can take back to your home or classroom to raise. You will marvel as you watch the changes occur as your butterflies go through their different life stages and emerge as stunning, jewel-winged creatures. Donations for classes are only $5 per person for an hour of hands-on learning!

When you want to get involved in butterfly education in San Diego, CA, take a class at our vivarium. We are open 7 days a week, and we would love to share our enthusiasm with you!

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